For quite a while, I suspected that I might have an Umbilical (belly button) Hernia. Last fall the PET/CT Scan for that lung situation (which turned out to be benign) also spotted the small hernia. It is one of those things that had not caused much trouble, but could if it were to get worse, and it sometimes gets irritated. It needs to get fixed. As surgeries go, this one is done outpatient, pretty simple and not deep or risky. I met with the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and the procedure is scheduled for April 2nd at the hospital in Brevard, NC (I also had my cataract operations and the prostate one there.) The main restriction during the recovery time is not lifting more than ten pounds for 4-6 weeks, so I have to stock up on birdseed so I don’t have to wrestle 50 pound bags for a while. Well, that’s what’s up with me on the medical front as long as I avoid the Corona Virus. That thing, even if I don’t catch it could throw a monkey wrench into the plan a number of different ways.


  1. Bob this is really interesting. I suspect my father has a similar thing. He has all but had every internal test and yet he hurts in his mid-section but nothing seems to be found. I will have to mention this to him. Thank you for sharing and wishing you recovery and health because you’ve had too many scares and need a break. Sending you all my love. x

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    1. Thanks. This one isn’t very scary. Your father could maybe have something of the sort and it not be obvious if he is heavy in the belly, or, if (maybe) the tear in the muscle is not complete. I would expect that either CT scan or ultrasound would see it.


      1. True. He is very slim like me which made me wonder what it could be. He has had fitful examinations of every kind without recourse. I don’t know. I am glad though they found your malady and are able to fix it.

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      2. Thanks. Even though it has not been especially troublesome, it will be good to have it fixed. Even without the scan report, if I had had my GP look at it, the diagnosis would have been easy. I didn’t because I was busy with those other issues.

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