Heart of the Storm – Chapter Eleven

Christine Ray may have completed this tale, or perhaps not.

Brave & Reckless

Days passed quickly for Legolas in Lothlorien. He awakened each morning in Storm’s arms and kissed her gently until she roused and returned his kisses. He loved the smell of her hair, dark against his pillow, and the sound of her soft regular breathing as she slept. Reluctantly, they would part soon after waking so they could arrive separately for breakfast in the family dining room of the House of Lorien.

Legolas often wondered how Storm could tolerate watching her cousins vie for his attention and flirt as they did. As he got to know them better, he found that there was great competitiveness among Alkorewen, Bule and Brago and that winning him seemed more an elaborate game of strategy than an affair of the heart. Legolas could only imagine the difficulty Storm experienced, always maintaining a cool, detached exterior in front of her cousins, struggling to give no indication…

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