Meme: There’s A Useful Idiot Born Every Minute

Calico Jack – A useful meme

The Psy of Life

Ya ever get tired of the idiotic homegrown trolls who spend their — presumably — free time posting trolly crap on social media? Ya ever wish you had a one-size fits all retort that you could just slap ’em upside the head with before you blocked them? Well, I certainly have.

Of all the quick sharp answers that I’ve tried — often I don’t try anything, I just block ’em to tell ya the truth — this is the most satisfying and effective, especially with the Trumpiest of trolls.

Barnum Bailey There's a useful idiot born every minute
There’s a Useful Idiot Born Every Minute

Feel free to download and use this meme any and every chance you get. It is guaranteed to make you the envy of everyone your social media reaches.

I love the punny combination of the Russian useful idiot trope and the there’s a fool/sucker/idiot born every minute quote often attributed to PT Barnum,

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