Poet’s Love Song

Christine Ray – Seeing Poets

Brave & Reckless

I see you
yes, you poet
you who lives
behind the misty veil
dwelling in the border
between this world
and a hundred other
shadow worlds

see you

see those ink-stained
that hold your pen
like a lover
that fly across the keyboard
in a torrent
before stopping, hesitating
for the flow of words to resume

see the permanent rings
countless cups of coffee
have left on your writing table
the chip in your favorite mug
see the frayed fabric
on your cuffs
of your favorite writing shirt
the fabric worn thin at your elbows

see those mesmerizing eyes
that seem to simultaneously
be looking through me
straight into my soul
while studying the cosmos
and gazing inward
all at the same time
see the contradictions you are
your eyes are haunting
full of knowing
full of pain
full of longing

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