Coronavirus Information from the People Who Know

How they (the Chinese) did it/are doing it

O Society

Tired of misinformation, disinformation, agnotology, propaganda, marketing, and just plain self-serving bullshit? Us too!
by O Society March 21, 2020
Hi all! A Chinese friend sent this information so we might know the methods used in China to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. Yes. There are O Society people in China.
These people have hard-earned experience in cooperation from battling SARS and so on as a society we do not have in America. As a result, the public health measures are tight. The Chinese simply are so much better at this than we are.
This is a PDF called Handbook of Covid-19 Prevention and Treatment
This is a YouTube video called What to Do to Protect vs. the Virus
We have watched and read these resources and strongly suggest you do as well.
Please stay safe and don’t panic and be mindful and remember we love you!

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