Sharing Our Truths: Arrival of Spring – M.A. Morris

M.A. Morris – Surprised along the path paved with Hubris?

Brave & Reckless

Spring arrived
Barely seen.
Our eyes turned inward.
Suspicious of air,
We could not take spring
Deeply into our lungs,
Feel the warmth of it on our skin,
Taste the freshness of it on our tongues
For fear.

We counted our first born
And tried prayer.
Had we forgotten the blood of the lamb
Above the lintel?

We sought protection in distance,
longing for human touch.
Hate and fear drained us.
We grew weary hearing–
Wash your hands
Don’t touch your face
Wash your hands
Prayed Mother Mary full of grace
Six to ten feet apart we must stand
We feared to touch
Our mothers
Our fathers
Our sisters
Our brothers
Our sons
Our daughters
And longed–
All the more–
For touch.

Yes, this will make us aware—
Appreciate what now
We could not do.
Yes, we would improve,
We would appreciate all.
Technology would see us through.

Somewhere in…

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Children of temptation & sticky fingers

TheFeatheredSleep – Whither the Child

hijacked amygdala

woman playing piano Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on



your proud ways

it behoves no one

to hang tall on faded principle

when last we considered ourselves

it was before life swallowed us whole

too busy for contemplation

we walked off cliffs and wondered

why our broken legs didn’t work

you are not a puppet

but you have grown docile in your strings

when splintered people stuff their suffering

in nameless boxes and march to the kink

we don’t ask why

are we here, what should we do? why do we feel

as we are feeling, what ache inside us?

how do we find, authenticity?

when everything surrounding us

propels toward docile determination

we forget we were once

children of temptation and sticky fingers

unable to resist

opening jam jars, letting flies

coat themselves in satiate bliss

touching with reddened fingers

clean walls in pleasure

where did our curiosity

our hunger

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Book Review: Kind Chemist Wife: Musings at 3 a.m., by Sarah Bigham / Reviewed by Candice Daquin

Candice Louisa Daquin reviews a life story (maybe better said, a story of living) in poetry and prose. She recommends it highly.

Indie Blu(e) Publishing

Kind Chemist Wife: Musings at 3 a.m.,  by Sarah Bigham

Review by Candice Louisa Daquin

This is a book about many things. In essence this is a book someone who has chronic pain or any chronic condition will find a great deal in. Any woman also. Any lesbian. Virtually any human being if they are willing. It’s a universal book about a life. Sarah Bigham asks in her introduction; What is truth? Truth may be malleable but she’s most certainly able to access it within Kind Chemist Wife; Musings at 3am. The first time I read this title it was in Bigham’s biography and I thought it was such a gentle term of affection for her wife, which has gone on to seed her creation.

Bigham is covering a long time period, from hometown, student, campus, professor and her exploits otherwise. This all needs to go together to fully tell…

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Submission Etiquette

Pattimouse – helpful hints for writing submissions


So I usually do Poetry on Monday…but due to what I am doing otherwise this felt appropriate. I am trying to clean up files and do layout for a couple of books, including Fae Corps Through the Sunshine anthology. Now…I have to figure many editors are more organized than I am…but it is still courtesy when you do a submission to any anthology or call for submission to do a certain amount of information, unless the submission rules say otherwise.

Each submission should be in one of two fonts…either Times New Roman or Arial in a 12 pt size. It should have your name, any pen name, the title, and some means of contact (email or Phone). It should be labeled as to what you are submitting it to. In the email you should include a third person Bio and picture to save the editor from requesting this.

Most people…

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Preorder Excitement

Pattimouse announces a new poetry collection.


So I knuckled down and put the newest volume of my poetry yesterday. Usually formatting and publishing takes longer. Updates on my platform and the new computer made a world of difference.

So I proudly present the link to preorder Poetic Remimders, which includes two collaboration poems I have done with another talented poet.

Please share and check it out!

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A Heart Laid Bare

Jan Malique – His Nibs visits

Strange Goings On In The Shed


His Nibs has made an appearance finally. The great Walker Between the Worlds, He who is named Anubis reveals himself at last. It feels like our relationship is starting anew, a strange and not unpleasant feeling. Ah yes, feelings. I’ve found it difficult to write, much less express what lay deep within. How much should a writer disclose? As I finished typing the last line my right ear began to feel hot, that’s the ear with the hearing problem. In my mind’s eye I see His Nibs raise a finger to his lips and then touch my right earlobe. He shakes his head. I bow my head and refrain from saying anything further. It appears this isn’t the place to vocalise that which should be the remit of another, the Heart. Again, another image flashes across the sight of the inner eye. This time it’s the Scales of Ma’at…

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Sharing Our Truths: Colours of my Mind – Billie the Human

Billie The Human – Clashing hues

Brave & Reckless

The hues collide
For dominance
But my mind takes charge
By some above human will
The violence of engulfing black
Primordial screaming red
Sword sharp silver
Bludgeoning blister filled blue
Glorious gorefilled gold
Is replaced by softer gentler tones
The soft golden glow of the sodium light
Guiding my way through beer sodden streets
The soft rainbow of the poor pigeons neck
Blue purple green singing out from the pavement grey
The translucent mirage’s magnificence
Such extravagant hues
Shouts splendour, beauty and wonder
From the oil stained puddle
Oh opulent glory and honour
Stay away from me!
My mind will not be polluted by your colours
The colours of my mind
Are the transcendent tradewinds
That carry our lost souls of
Ragtag, ragamuffin, royalty
To freedom

My name is Billie. I’m an accidental activist for the right of people who are homeless and/or have mental health problems…

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