The Coming GOP Dystopia

Calico Jack – Plague has its uses

The Psy of Life

The GOP dystopia is taking shape. The insider trading to make a killing in the stock market, the biding wars on medical supplies to drive up profits, the urging of older adults to literally die to allow the economy to re-open sooner, the further assault on choice to keep the moralizing moralists happy, the continued assault on the ACA to keep the medical industry profits flowing, and the Repube COVID19 bailout of corporations show you all you need to know about what life will be like once we are living in the GOP dystopia: corporations and profits over the needs of people.

The latest detail came by way of SCOTUS taking a straight party vote not to delay voting in Wisconsin so the Repubes could cement their gerrymandered advantages. So, suit up boys and girls we’re going to preview the horror…

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