A Heart Laid Bare

Jan Malique – His Nibs visits

Strange Goings On In The Shed

400px-Statuette_of_Anubis_MET_38.5_EGDP022863 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anubis#/media/File%3AStatuette_of_Anubis_MET_38.5_EGDP022863.jpg

His Nibs has made an appearance finally. The great Walker Between the Worlds, He who is named Anubis reveals himself at last. It feels like our relationship is starting anew, a strange and not unpleasant feeling. Ah yes, feelings. I’ve found it difficult to write, much less express what lay deep within. How much should a writer disclose? As I finished typing the last line my right ear began to feel hot, that’s the ear with the hearing problem. In my mind’s eye I see His Nibs raise a finger to his lips and then touch my right earlobe. He shakes his head. I bow my head and refrain from saying anything further. It appears this isn’t the place to vocalise that which should be the remit of another, the Heart. Again, another image flashes across the sight of the inner eye. This time it’s the Scales of Ma’at…

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