The Cubic Weight of Sadness

Christine Ray – Smothered

Brave & Reckless

covered her
a blanket
of thick
wet snow
weighed her
to the ground
masked her eyes
filled her nose
her mouth
her senses
suffocating her
mere feet from
the warmth
of the
open door

Photo Credit: Peter Szto, PhD

© 2016 Revised 2020 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

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Your Next Must-Read Book: Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

Christine Ray – Eric Syrdal’s must read book now available

Brave & Reckless

I forget that not all of you know that about a year and a half ago, I co-founded a teeny, tiny publishing company with the amazing Kindra M. Austin.  We made a commitment to ourselves from the start that we will only publish books that we love to read.  When I say that Eric Syrdal’s science fiction/fantasy novel written completely in free verse is like nothing you have read before– unless you were lucky enough to buy one of the original copies when it was first published by Sudden Denouement Publishing– I mean it.

It is stunning, epic in scope, and genre-bending. Just when I couldn’t imagine how he was possibly going to tie up the storyline, he completed it perfectly, in a way that literally made me sign out loud.  I can’t imagine a better quarantine read.

Pantheon is now available in Kindle and print editions.

“Pantheon is a…

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HUSH by Nicole Lyons Now Available as a Free PDF

Get Nicole for free (HUSH is out of print – PDF)

Brave & Reckless

Nicole Lyons​ and Indie Blu(e) Publishing are thrilled to announce that Nicole’s stunning first poetry collection, the long out-of-print HUSH is now available as a free PDF.

If you would like a copy of this spectacular book, simply sign up for the Indie Blu(e) Publishing Mailing List at and we will email you a copy.  If you are already on our mailing list, drop us an email at

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Sharing Our Truths: Virus in a Presidency – M.A. Morris

M.A. Morris – The deadly virus of denial

Brave & Reckless

How long? Weeks, months.
I remember months, years, and now, still.
I remember young men who were old.
I remember miles and miles of quilted squares.
I remember a quilt so big it became a problem
to store, to show, to display.
I remember a president who would not say the name of a disease.
I remember carrying my list of names to a microphone,
reading the list to the bottom and then, a hammer dropped,
reading the name of a friend.
Where was the alarm back then?
Back in the day? Where was it at the start?
Yes, I know– it was only addicts and gay men,
as so many said.
Not as contagious, I know. Not as easily spread.
But as I don my face mask and gloves,
I shake my head, my eyes fill with tears,
I remember Tim, I remember Chuck, I remember Alan,
I remember…

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Holding on to Humanity

Christine Ray – Struggle and Humanity

Brave & Reckless

I have noticed over the last week, that the tenor of the posts about Covid-19 and social lockdown have started to change. There is more arguing, more anger, and more divisiveness. Some of it has been triggered by the small but well-publicized protests against sheltering-in-place as well as people who still post vehemently on social media that the pandemic is a hoax and who continue to disregard the calls to socially distance themselves. I also think that five weeks of unemployment, no income, no health insurance, inability to pay the bills, etc. is really taking a toll on people. Situations like this always take the greatest toll on those who were already the most financially and socially vulnerable. Finally, as this drags on, with the threat of a Winter resurgence looming over our heads, many of us are starting to come to terms with the fact that life as…

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Call For Submissions : Nightmare Whispers

Another call for submissions from Fae Corps

Fae Corps Inc

Looking for a place for your Horror fix? Nightmare Whispers is going to be the best of Horror we can find. The Image above will be the cover.


Short Story word count min/max: 3k/5k

Art/Photography: up to five must be printable quality

Poetry/Haiku: up to 5 each per topic


Submissions email to with a subject of Nightmare Whispers.

Due by August 31st, 2020:

Nightmare Whispers —

Horror theme. Short stories/Poetry/Art/Haiku/Photography.

This is a paid anthology. You will if you get in receive a portion of the royalties…however you will be expected to assist in the marketing of the anthology.

Editing is provided. If your story is in draft form it is still acceptable, however it must be readable. Gore is acceptable, however do keep it reasonable, no one wants to read gore for gore’s sake. We are here to showcase good indie authors, and are more…

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Call For Submissions : Fae Dreams

Fae Corps seeks submissions for a new anthology

Fae Corps Inc

Is your goal to reach the moon? or something that feels nearly as impossible? tell us about it, artistically. The above image is the Cover.


Art/Photography: Up to 5 each must be printable quality

Poetry/Haiku: up to 5 each

Flash Fiction: 600 max word count.


Due by August 31st, 2020:

Fae Dreams — goals/dreams/plans are the theme.


Submissions email to with a subject of Fae Dreams.

Editing is provided. If your story is in draft form it is still acceptable, however it must be readable. We are here to showcase good indie authors, and are more than willing to help those just getting started.

This anthology reward is a free Ebook copy and the opportunity to order author copies of the printed version.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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TheFeatheredSleep – Still, a kind of presence

hijacked amygdala


Time unfolding, holds

emblems, signatures

as hair caught in

boar brush

smells still of her

the nape of her long neck

bearing sound

tugging through until end

before light has pushed itself

past dim cloud line

warming her hands a little

just enough

just enough.

Where she was

there are now white washed walls

clean and no longer redolent

of those hours, those years spent

would they know if they touched?

The plaster, holding some memory

or reverberating solace

how her wrists looked

playing piano in silent day

with open windows to bird call

hushed by her haunt.

Would they know, if turning

in sleep they saw through half opened eyes

a murmur of her, crossing the room

one black pearl resting against

her warm throbbing neck

how much of us remains

when we are gone? How to

evoke, conjur, return to

remain, stay just one moment more

by her…

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