Socially Awkward Social Distancing: Autism in the Era of #COVID19

Calico Jack – some advantages in the current situation

The Psy of Life

Happy end of Autism Awareness Month! It looks like we’re all finding out what it’s like to be autistic in this time of #COVID19!

Celebrating National Autism Awareness Month has become something of a thing here at Ye Olde Blogge because it is so prevalent in my family: mother, sister, myself, nieces, and my daughter, and, truth be told, probably my maternal grandfather, too. Suffice it to say that I have some experience with being autistic and the resulting social awkwardness that so frequently accompanies it, and I’m here to say that social distancing has made my life and that of my daughter, maybe, especially, my daughter, much easier. Socially awkward social distancing, as it turns out, isn’t that much different than just plain old social distancing or being socially awkward.

It looks like Zoom meetings are the great equalizer for us socially awkward autistics…

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