Resources for an indie publisher

Pattimouse on indie publishing


Newbies at indie publishing all seem to be looking for the same thing. How do I do this? Where can I do that? Most of the answers are simple, but if you don’t know them, it can be overwhelming.

First thing… Where do you publish? Well I recommend two places. First place Amazon. Now neither of the places I recommend have upfront cost. There are legit publishing places (ingramspark) that charge for the printing. However I don’t think that is a good thing. Anyplace you have to pay for the ability to publish your books really feels like a scam to me. Now I am going to recommend a place where you can publish to Amazon, and when you can use it is far easier… But Amazon is incredibly picky. I have had Amazon block some of my books on this other site only to allow me to publish…

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