The Truth is Out There: Trump Still gets the Benefit of the Doubt?

Calico Jack – To believe or not believe?

The Psy of Life

I’m astonished by the fact that people still believe the Ol’ Pussy Grabber and that he has any credibility or influence over anyone supporter, opponent, or iNdEpEnDeNt. I have long since trained myself to assume everything he says is a lie. But reporters and everyday Americans continue to give him the benefit of the doubt. What could possibly explain this? One things: social norms. He benefits from his office in spite of his individual behavior. I had to train myself — an act of conscious will and discipline — to stop believing him. Others aren’t willing to engage in the process and still give him the benefit of the doubt because people are hardwired to believe and follow normative behavior.

Let me give an amusing anecdote to help illustrate my point.

Amusing Illustrative Anecdote

When I was a freshman in university, I had lunch with friends at the school cafeteria…

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