Jan Malique marks and reviews five years of blogging.

Strange Goings On In The Shed


I logged into my WordPress account this evening to find a notification announcing an anniversary. Five years of unleashing my eccentric musings on the world. Well, what can I say? Plenty, but I’ll ease you gently into this stream of consciousness dear readers.

My initial efforts were clumsily constructed pieces, reminiscent of a child’s efforts at crafting activities. Dipping my toes into this world, where “proper” writers created and engaged in dialogue was, nerve-wracking. Would my work ‘measure up’, and would anyone even read my posts? A wise person  at the start of the journey offered valuable advice, he said “write what you want to read.” Or thereabouts.

panda-1892023_1280 GraphicMama-team at Pixabay

So I wrote, unlocked doors to strange, and often unsettling worlds where ancient gods, shadowy entities, and human frailties imprinted themselves on the canvas of the psyche. The process could be likened to, I’m reluctant to call it this…

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