God Damn Us All

Nicole Lyons – not looking the other way

Nicole Lyons

Someone on my Facebook page asked me “girl you good…” after my last post and I refrained from answering for a few because how do I even answer that?

No! I’m not fucking good.

It’s a hard thing when your perfect little world has been rocked too little too late.

The fact that I have loved my life
and cried when I saw injustice
on the news and then swiftly
got back to my own world
with nothing more
than a lingering thought

“oh, that’s so sad” quickly passes
when it’s wine night and I don’t know
what it’s like to walk the streets afraid.

I don’t know what exactly
has fucking rocked me,
this time.

Was it nine minutes of witness?

Was it the black bystanders who couldn’t stop it
else they be killed themselves?

What was the last straw?

I don’t know.

But what I do know is…

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