Writing During the Apocalypse

Christine Ray on writing in these times.

Brave & Reckless

Like many writers, I have periods where poetry and essay spill from my fingertips as if I am just a conduit for words poured into me by the universe.  A vessel.

I also have times when I stare at the stark white screen while the cursor blinks reproachfully at me, taunting me when I am dry and depleted, wracked with anxiety, listening to the devil on my shoulder hiss imposter and wannabe in my ear.

I have not written much the last few months, but when I have, I have written so I don’t scream until my windows break, until my eardrums bleed.  I have written because I have been stirred and shaken until my stomach is clenched in knots and words pouring out on the screen are less destructive than the sledgehammer I want to slam repeatedly into my walls, until I am so exhausted that my racing thoughts…

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