This morning my Umbilical Hernia got fixed at Transylvania Regional Hospital (part of the Mission Heath System) in Brevard, NC. Everything went well and the staff there were their usual good selves. We (my neighbor who was driving and I) got there a few minutes after 6am for the 7:30 operation and left about 10:30.

There was a change from the planned procedure. The surgeon found, once the fatty material that was extruding through the hernia was out of the way (pushed back in), that the hernia opening was too small to insert a surgical mesh. He sutured the opening instead. I’ll get more detail on that when the Operative Report is posted to the Patient Portal site in a few days.

The only post-op medication is Tylenol with Hydrocodone per 4 hours (or longer) as needed for pain, a 3 day supply. So, no driving through Saturday. Instruction are no lifting more than 10 pounds for 4 weeks, and gradually resume usual activities and exercise as pain/discomfort allow. A followup appointment is in 2 weeks.

I’m feeling a little loopy from the pain med and lingering effects of the anesthesia (less of that part this evening than when I got home), but nothing bad, like dizziness or nausea (starting with lunch, eating as usual). I did take a nap after lunch and later was able to walk down to the mailbox (junk mail). And, very glad it is done.

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