What Explains Trump’s treason: Narcissism, what else?

Calico Jack applies Ockham’s Razor

The Psy of Life

I was watching Ari Melber‘s The Beat on MSNBC the other day and was struck by a former US Amy intelligence officer’s, Lt. Col Ralph Peters (retired), in ability to explain the Ol’ Pussy Grabber committing treason by allowing Putin to pay assassins to murder our soldiers in Afghanistan. How, how, how could he not understand it? It is so painfully obvious how we got to treason when you understand narcissism.

Here watch — okay, don’t watch — the interview for yourself maybe you’ll see something I didn’t. If you do, please let me know in the comments, okay? Please? Could ya, hunh? It’s not like I’m begging for a sign of life from a reader or anything, but I’m begging you, for the love of god, you’ve read this far, would it kill you to leave a comment?

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