Getting your Neighbors to Mask-up: Ambiguity Tolerance and Intolerance

Calico Jack – The roots of Mask Resistance

The Psy of Life

There are some very solid findings in psychology, so we have a very reliable notion of how we respond to ambiguity. The bottom line is that when we are in novel situations like the novel #COVID19 pandemic, we aren’t sure what to do, so we look to those around us for guidance.

This one phenomenon of ambiguity — if you’re interested in the supporting science, I’ll explain further below — does two things for us: (1) it tells us how to get greater mask compliance and (2) explains why some people are not only being non-compliant, but also, irrationally, aggressively, and violently non-compliant.

Examples of Anti-Masker Stupidity

Violence against Line Workers Enforcing Company Policy

A teenager working at a children’s park was punched in the face for trying to enforce the park’s mask rule. Yeah…

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