The Cynical Nihilism and Narcissism of the Far Left

Calico Jack – Do votes count?

The Psy of Life

With the election so close at hand — just north of 70 days as of this writing! — it is imperative that we GET THE VOTE OUT! However, there is an element engages in the same cynical nihilistic your-vote-doesn’t-matterism that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, the GOP, and Russia uses to suppress the vote. I’ve never really understood the cynical nihilism of the far left when it comes to elections, especially this election. So, let’s psysplore one of my interactions with one that Twitter has blessed us with, shall we?

A QUICK ASIDE: A twitter user and follower of mine is identified in this post. It goes without saying that no one harasses or insults this person. We treat each other civilly even if I am snarky, sarcasticky, and profaney in the posts.

Cynical: The One Percent, They’re all the Same

It started with…

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