Inveterate flatterer

TheFeatheredSleep – Desire undimmed


If you let me, if I’d let myself

I’d mention you in every mouthful

Once, at 15, my father said; Stop talking about that girl, I think you’re obsessed!

I was, without yet acknowledging how deeply these things can go

Forget an arrow, your harnessing of me is a tattoo as inked as the one I already have

If you were a sadist you’d say; Good. Now crawl to me

I suspect I would.

Absence is a devour and every hour a little harder

It’s a tortured song locked inside my chest

Awaiting your key.

You, you, you, the bird who flies without feather

You, you, you, the permanent loan against my sanity.

In restless chamber of night, I wake feverish, imagining

Your cruel hands on me, the cull of my longing to lie

Beside you, above you, beneath you, inside you.

The funny thing is, you don’t try, you…

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The sum of us

TheFeatheredSleep – Fantasy and Reality


Good Girls don’t write about sex


They disguise their want in paralipsis

And allegory

Hoping the one they wrote it for

Reads in between watery lines

Just as we think we know and we don’t know

How to play a violin to life

What specific string to rub dulce, with bow and how?

To produce the exact sound

Of heaven

For we rely on machines purchased

In stores that wrap them in paper and

Blush behind their make-up

To soften the blow of loneliness

They even offer them in pink with ears.

I decided long ago to

Forgo batteries and think of you instead

With my flesh and my bones

Nothing more but those images in my head

Of you lying back unclothed

Ready for feasting

I’m long past apologizing

For my need at midday to think

About sex

Women do it too

Maybe not in the office bathroom…

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All folks considering voting Democrat definitely need to hear Beau on this…

The Chatty One shares something for Democrats, and hopefully, others.

The Chatty Introvert

This is the most true thing I’ve seen in a while, and something we should all keep in mind. I felt he was speaking to me, because when it comes down to it, I’m one of those “fair play” folks, but I have had to acknowledge recently that what I want isn’t going to happen. That’s what’s been killing the dem voter the past 20 years, maybe longer.

And yes, this is what I’ve been seeing. I’m sure the flags around my neighborhood will only increase this week now. It’s no wonder I’m an anxious wreck, as are many I’ve talked to online.

There’s a lot going on that’s screaming “distraction” right now. Don’t do the victory laps yet, we’ve still got weeks to go. If you’ve got that Dump supporter in your midst, watch this first so you don’t waste your breath on the wrong discussion point. I’ve gotta…

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Mad World Creativity Prompt Challenge: A White Mad World – Annette Kalandros

A poem from a Mad World by Annette Kalandros

Brave & Reckless

The number of our destruction smacked us in the face,

But too many didn’t want to see.

They liked the words they heard,

Shrinking their ever-enlarging world:

–Where you walk is holy

(as long as you got thousand-dollar shoes)

–We don’t care! Just wanna keep up with a Kardashian or two.

–I ain’t wearin’ no mask. Ain’t nobody gonna tell me what to do!

–Who the hell cares if a black man can’t breathe? Cuz he shouldn’t

give a cop a reason to put a knee on his neck!

The seven tentacles touched us to the core

Long, long before:

–It’s all you can eat!

–Trade in that old husband or wife for a new, sexier model!

–Who wants to work that hard! Buy college scores!

–We’re so much better than those Mexicans, Blacks, Queers, Muslims,

those shithole countries.

–Drop a bomb! Just drop the fuckin’ bomb on the bastards!

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Letter to a dead friend at 5am

TheFeatheredSleep – A real friend


Natalie my friend.

Because you are you know. A real friend.

Though you lie beneath your roses now and I

feel as if I lie beneath them, with you.

For I am not as alive, once, twice, three times

as you ever were

you, who were beloved in life, you, who passed too soon, too well

into the light, beyond to your garden

where those who loved you and there were many

sat cross-legged waiting for you to tell a story

make us laugh, make us smile, radiate with your old world charm

for you were one of the last ones, the best generation

reminding me of my grandmother, those fine ladies of yester year

who did not have our mistakes and our errors, the Booming Boomers, befuddled Gen X kids, lost Millennial’s who

never quite learned, how to wake up early and brush their hair, until

it gleamed.


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Invisible ink

TheFeatheredSleep – A rain of poem made me think of this:

“Tell me where is fancy bred,
Or in the heart or in the head?
How begot, how nourished?
Reply, reply.
It is engender’d in the eyes,
With gazing fed;” – William Shakespeare


When they say someone is driven to distraction

can’t stop thinking about …

I imagine

a woman running in the rain

newspaper overhead, painted nails

pursed lips, the crook of a smile despite

her hose getting wet, soaking her clavical, glistening like

some jewel in a torent might

suddenly fruit

it reminds me of the first time I heard Suzanne Vega sing

not knowing she was singing for a woman

but something in the detail caught my eye

how she felt the same hot breath, steaming glass

lost bra strap, showing slip, untucked blouse

a stray hair, falling in her eyes, it took all of my

self possession not to reach across and brush it

back into place

although I’d rather press my face

into your neck and lose myself to the sound

of rain and tempests, growing inside me

wordlessly showing you the crocheted waves

with every brush stroke

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Call YOUR MOC: What To Do IF Your MOC’s VoiceMail Box is FULL!!?!

Calico Jack – If your MOC’s voicemail is full (which it ought to be)

The Psy of Life

Howdy y’all!

24 SEPTEMBER: I’ve add a page addressing other ways to contact your MOC when their voicemail boxes are full. I’ve heard from folks during high volume calling times like this — you are calling about the replacement for #RBG, aren’t you? — that voicemail boxes get full and stay full. Here are your next best options explained in one succinct — clocking in at just over 3 minutes is short for me! — post.

22 SEPTEMBER: I posted a script and reasons to Call Your Senator about Replacing #RBG. Call your senator TODAY! You should also see the page about alternatives to calling if your senator’s voicemail box is full — we’re looking at you Senators Toomey and Cruz!

Call Your MoC About

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just out of reach

TheFeatheredSleep – Memory & Longing


Even as I tie my shoes,

the distraction in my chest feels like you

has your taste on my lips, wetted with

unspoken remonstration

time can pass so fast, until years are bundled into telegraphs

yellowing with their swollen journey

still so few stand out, make themselves remarkable

just by their bloodied being

those who shine, one in a thousand, more, tops of heads

in a crowd, who gets the crown?

With everyone chiming for attention, I give it to you

even as you do not ask , such is my cinema of devotion

watching the replay in my mind, every turn

lifted wrists, precious movement, chiseled in memory

if you asked me I’d know exactly how you felt

even without touching, the xylophone of your small ribs

for I have spent hours sculpting your shape

these silhouettes and textures known by one

who watches ever observant, silent in her…

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Cal for Submissions – personal.

Pattimouse seeks Grandmother stories.


Ok. I am doing this as a personal project. I am putting together my grandmother’s stories and poetry my boyfriend’s grandmother wrote. But I want it to reflect the wisdom of all grandmothers. So here is my request.

Do you have a story that you remember your grandmother (abuela) telling? Or a bit of poetry they wrote that you would love to see in print? Try submitting it for this anthology. I am busier than I have any reason to expect – so I am setting the deadline for December first with a expected publishing date of the first of January.

I am also accepting art. I only ask that it is from your grandmothers. And that you are able to give consent for me to publish it.

To submit email the creation and a small introduction (preferred with a picture) of your grandma who created it. The address for…

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