Kristiana Reed Interviews Indie Blu(e) Author Devika Mathur

An interview of poet and author, Devika Mathur

Brave & Reckless

KRISTIANA:CrimsonSkinsis your second poetry collection, what has been the most rewarding part of reaching the point of publication?

DEVIKA:Over the years I have grown into a more persistent writer honing my writing skills. The process of collecting art pieces and turning them all beautifully into a book takes a lot of creativity and patience. As I wrote my second collection, I observed my mental state each day blooming into a different shade of the sky. I have realized in the past couple of months patience with great care is the most impeccable reward one can get during the process of publication. Reaching this stage of publication, the inner satisfaction to turn my words worth reading and to touch each soul where the pain lurks feels gratifying.

KRISTIANA: In your book trailer forCrimson Skins, you reveal the kaleidoscope of themes within the collection. What draws you…

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