Before You Kill Yourself, I Just Want to Talk

Sam Dylan French speaks from the other side of a dread moment.

Let's Queer Things Up!

I know most articles like this have an agenda. They want you to call a hotline, tell a total stranger that you’re at the end of your rope, and make the impossible decision to carry on, as if you haven’t contemplated doing these things before.

That isn’t my agenda here. Not today, anyway.

My agenda is simple — I don’t want you to be alone. If these are truly your last moments on this earth (and I’ll be honest, I really hope they aren’t), I at least want you to know that someone was thinking of you.

When I attempted suicide about a decade ago, it was the loneliest night of my life.

It was the loudest silence I’d ever known. I could hear the kitchen clock ticking faithfully downstairs; I listened for the strange, indescribable static you sometimes hear even when everything else goes quiet.

I was on that…

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