Laura Ingraham’s Trump Interview Showcases Trump’s Symptoms of Mental Illness

Calico Jack – A mad king interviewed

The Psy of Life

By now, most everyone has seen the excerpts of Laura Ingraham’s interview with the Ol’ Pussy Grabber on Fox News on 31 August. There have been numerous articles in the mainstream media listing all of the “bizarre” and “disturbing” things the Ol’ Pussy Grabber said. Here’s an example from The Guardian,Five Bizarre Things. And, one from Vox, Trump Went Full Authoritarian in his Latest Fox News Interview. This post will go off of the beaten path and ID the comments that are symptomatic of his mental illnesses, but first, let’s review the usual suspects:

  • The roving antifa thugs led by Barnabas Collins, I’m sure. They’re dressed in black and flying commercial all around the country to terrorize suburban housewives and control the streets and Joe Biden. He’ll tell us about it someday and maybe the first hand witness…

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