Trying out Classic Block & a suggestion:

This is my first try of Classic Block.  Here goes:

The Suggestion:

I hear a lot of worry about no knowing the results of the election on Election Night because so many mail-in ballots will be counted after that day.  The is a possibly simple fix to that problem.  Most, or all, States have some period of early voting.  In my precinct, we use the paper ballot where you fill in the little ovals to mark your vote and then put the ballot in a reading machine (which is not connected to the internet).  The machine reads, records, and saves the ballot.  The same machine is used in early voting and on election day when those votes are counted along with the early ones.  Why not treat mail-in ballots as early voting?  Record the mail-in ballots the same as early voting as they are received and verified.  That way (If most people take the advice and send them in as soon as possible.) most of the mailed in votes will be in the totals on Election Day.  There may be state laws that would prevent this, but it makes complete sense to those who are not afraid of what those mailed in votes will say.

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