“The Fifth Risk,” by Michael Lewis

The Chatty One finds an informative book.

The Chatty Introvert

My Copy: 9781324002642 (image from bn.com)

I don’t know what all I was expecting from this book, but I gotta say, I learned a helluva lot about certain government entities and departments… and how badly things can get screwed up during a bad transition period.

The Fifth Risk is essentially about the election of Donald Trump and the way presidential transitions are supposed to work. But it’s not a book completely skewering Trump, it’s more about how transition works, with what Trump did– being unprepared to have people ready to go to take over and get approved for the positions he was supposed to staff– really screwing things up. It talks about the election in regards to this, and some details regarding that mythical inauguration night.

Mr. Lewis interviewed several key members or former heads of departments like the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce, and some others to…

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