How to cope with political learned helplessness in an age of Trump and DeVos

Hope versus helplessness

O Society

Keepin’ On Katy Cribbs Feb 10, 2017

I know I was not alone in feeling crushed by the confirmation of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Sure, we all knew it was likely she would be confirmed, it would take incredible pressure and a moral awakening on the part of a few more Republicans to turn the tide.

So we called and wrote and emailed and tweeted and posted on Facebook and took to the streets with incredibly clever signage, and it seemed like all our friends were doing the same.

And still she was confirmed.

Moments like these, moments all too common and soul-crushing in the last month, can make us question our ability to actually affect change. What power do our phone calls and protest signs have against millions of dollars? The last few weeks – and the associated shock/horror/dismay – led to numerous articles on self-care for the…

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