All folks considering voting Democrat definitely need to hear Beau on this…

The Chatty One shares something for Democrats, and hopefully, others.

The Chatty Introvert

This is the most true thing I’ve seen in a while, and something we should all keep in mind. I felt he was speaking to me, because when it comes down to it, I’m one of those “fair play” folks, but I have had to acknowledge recently that what I want isn’t going to happen. That’s what’s been killing the dem voter the past 20 years, maybe longer.

And yes, this is what I’ve been seeing. I’m sure the flags around my neighborhood will only increase this week now. It’s no wonder I’m an anxious wreck, as are many I’ve talked to online.

There’s a lot going on that’s screaming “distraction” right now. Don’t do the victory laps yet, we’ve still got weeks to go. If you’ve got that Dump supporter in your midst, watch this first so you don’t waste your breath on the wrong discussion point. I’ve gotta…

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