A Quickie: He’s a NARCISSIST! He ain’t lying about being #COVID19 Positive!

Calico Jack – Trump tells one truth.

The Psy of Life

Say it with me kids, “He’s a narcissist!” It is all you need to know. As a narcissist, he can’t bear to portray himself as having any flaws. It is one reason he didn’t wear a mask and put himself at high risk of infection. It is why he went to the fundraiser after finding out he had been exposed. He felt like he was okay, so it was okay.

He’s a narcissist. He sees being infected with anything as a flaw. Something less than perfect. As a narcissist, he sees himself, literally, as perfect. Having the covfefevirus means he’s less than perfect. He can’t tolerate that. He wouldn’t willingly claim that he is infection.

He’s a narcissist. He wouldn’t even tell us that he’s infected with the covfefevirus if he didn’t have to.

He’s a narcissist, so let’s…

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