Gaslighting, Groupthink, and Cognitive Dissonance: The Perfect Storm resulting in Trump’s #COVID19 Infection

Calico Jack – How it works to produce disaster

The Psy of Life

Any regular reader of Ye Olde Blogge knows that I’ve defined, explained, and documented instances of each of these phenomena over the past four years. This trifecta of insidiousness has combined to produce the WH cluster. Looking back at it, it was inevitable, wasn’t it? It certainly had been speculated about.

Here’s how we’ll proceed in this blog post. (1) I’ll define each, so if you know the definitions, you can skip that section. (2) I’ll discuss how they interact to produce the shitshow in the dumpster fire at the flying monkey circus that we are currently witnessing. And (3) we’ll close with a smug group tsk-tsking session.

Definition of Terms: Gaslighting, Groupthink, and Cognitive Dissonance

Gaslightingis a form of emotional abuse in which the abuser denies plainly obvious events, emotions, thoughts, perceptions, and behaviors in an attempt to intimidate, confuse, control, or otherwise manipulate the…

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