My Prayer for Trump

Calico Jack offers a prayer.

The Psy of Life

When something bad happens to the president, we’re all supposed to rally around the flag, pull together, and wish her well! But, when the Ol’ Pussy Grabber fell ill with the covfefevirus, conservatives were shocked and appalled that liberals were gleeful and full of Schadenfreude that he got his comeuppance! How could we be so callous? So heartless?

It’s like the conservatives want us to forget the attitude of Trump and the GOP towards the rest of America as we struggled with the #COVID19 pandemic. It’s as if they were saying

If Trump were to die of the covfefevirus, it would be a tragedy, but the 214,000+ real live dead Americans, meh, they’re a statistic. The 7.4 million+ infected now afflicted with a preexisting condition, meh, such is life. The tens of millions…

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