Save Democracy: Voter Registration Deadlines are in October

ARE YOU REGISTERED TO VOTE? Calico Jack presents how to make sure.

The Psy of Life

The deadlines for voter registration are all in October — except in Puerto Rico (Monday 15 September — sorry ’bout that) — so if you haven’t registered yet, you haven’t procrastinated so long that you’re out of luck! Here’s what we’ve got for you today: I’ve listed a link to a website, Vote Save America, to register, the deadlines by date, and the deadlines by state in alphabetical order for your convenience (don’t get all gushy on me, it is a PNG image I took from, friend of Ye Olde Blogge, Mock, Paper, Scissors).

Most deadlines are between now and Monday 5 October, so get off your ass and register — I know you’ve been busy, but still). Seriously, visit Vote Save America, work out how to register in your state and do it. Do it now!

Registration Deadlines by Date

  • Sunday 4…

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