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The Ol’ Pussy Grabber got a super diabolical plan to win reelection. All the other politicians are surely going to be impressed with his political instincts now, especially that mean old Mitch McConnell! They’ll seem him for the very model of a modern stable genius now.

He’ll hold the #COVID19 stimulus bill hostage!

He won’t sign a bill unless and until he is reelected! The American people will surely vote for him now!

It’s genius. Simply genius. He’s outdone himself this time. It’s not just genius, it is is super genius.

If you’re as outraged as I am, please follow the link and call your MoC and demand that they resume negotiations and pass a bill over the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s veto.

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2 thoughts on “Call Your MoC: PASS A #COVID19 STIMULUS BILL NOW!!!

  1. I’m hoping he’s just mentally addled because of the drugs he’s on and the COVID. On the other hand, i could totally see him pulling a “I”m going down, so I’m taking you all with me.”

    And people wonder why the Hitler comparisons come in hard after a crisis. He’s already “inspected” the bunker…

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    1. When I thought over what he said in the walk-back that he wold sign, it is pretty much what Mitch has had on the table, although without mention of the liability immunity for risky employers (a Mitch “non-negotiable” item). So, Trump was telling Nancy to just give Mitch what he wants. A somebody pointed out, this is Trumps deal making style.

      Even aside from Trump’s clear ability to go to leaving everything in ashes and ruin if he goes down, the Mitch crowd will seek to sabotage Biden and the Dems on Capital Hill any way they can. A great example is the refusal to include significant money for State and Local Governments in a relief bill. Revenge on the Blue States even if it hurts Red States.

      Somehow, we have to get away from Scorched Earth politics or we will indeed have a scorched earth, pole to pole, except for the parts under water.

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