Trump’s Lack of Empathy Makes Him Dangerous And Not Just As a #COVID19 Superspreader — Part 2

Calico Jack – The danger of lack of empathy, continued

The Psy of Life

Trump’s Empathy Series: Man, I am doing a lot of two and three parters recently. I guess I just got lots to say and want to keep the reading time to less than five minutes. See part 1 of this series for an explanation of empathy and examples of Trump’s lack of empathy.

The danger that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber poses to his White House staff, Congress, and the government, indeed the entire country is deeply rooted in his lack of empathy. Because he’s a narcissist, he doesn’t respond to the needs of others. Empathy is the ability to understand the situation that someone else is in. It includes understanding their thoughts and emotions as well as their goals and the pressures on them. Empathy, like most emotions, fluctuates depending on the situation…

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