Why Is He Putting So Many People At Risk For #COVID19? Trump Lacks Empathy– Part 1

Calico Jack – Trump 1, Empathy 0

The Psy of Life

Trump’s Empathy Series: Man, I am doing a lot of two and three parters recently. I guess I just got lots to say and want to keep the reading time to less than five minutes. See part 2 of this series that explains why Trump’s lack of empathy makes him dangerous.

So many people are scratching their asses, especially all the pundits on the TV, but also, many people on my Twitter feed and other social media sites, and wondering why Trump has put so many people at risk for #COVID19 by (1) taking his joy ride to relieve his boredom on Sunday, (2) leaving the hospital early because his campaign will certainly fail unless he does, (3) taking his mask off and immediately exposing his campaign’s media personnel to #COVID19 upon his arrival at the WH, and, now, (4) holding the #COVID19 stimulus bill negotiations hostage unless he is…

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