Narcissistic Wounds: TRump’s Coping Mechanisms, Especially on NBC’s Town Hall, Part 2

Calico Jack – Trump’s coping mechanisms

The Psy of Life

Original Sin of Narcissism The Origins of the Narcissistic Wound
Narcissistic Wounds: Their Origins And The Reason Trump’s Assaulted US During the NBC Town Hall, Part 1

The explanation of a narcissism is almost as big as their fat bloated egos. It usually takes several posts to go through it all. Lately, we’ve been focused on the role of narcissistic wounds in driving the seemingly inexplicable behavior of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber. In part 1, we explained the origins of the narcissistic wound both in general and specifically to Trump. Here, we look at the psychological mechanisms that narcissists use in general and Trump in specific use to distract themselves from the gaping narcissistic wound that sits where their hearts ought to be.

Brief Re-Cap

The bleeding heart of any narcissist is the narcissistic wound. It is the injury that results whenever they are humiliated by having an error pointed out to them. Or…

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