Save Democracy: Volunteer for Photo Finish to Protect Our Vote

Calico Jack – Resources and opportunities for protecting the vote.

The Psy of Life

So, you’ve voted.

You’ve urged others to vote.

You’ve posted that cool meme about voting and stupid MAGAs.

You’ve sent postcards to swing states.

You’ve got a shift on a phone bank.

You’ve done everything you can, right? Wrong! There is more that you can do to help save our democracy and protect our vote! You can volunteer at Protect Our Votewhere you too can fight for more secure and transparent elections.

Photo Finish

The main way full-time concerned citizens and part-time blog readers can volunteer is to take photos of precinct poll tapes when they are posted on precinct doors or windows. Then at the end of the day, upload them to their website. Once uploaded, their analysts will then compare the daily vote totals with the final county and state vote counts to determine if there are discrepancies or other monkeyshine shenanigans going on. As the results…

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