HASTY – Storm Tossed


I found calm

Steady breath

A place where

The quiet feels…


But what if

I’m in the eye

Of the storm?

What if chaos

Has just settled

Like sand does

Waiting for the heat

To clash with the cold

Inside my brain

What if his screams

What if his anger

What if their words

And their actuons

Were created

Inside of me

And what will happen

When the wind

Starts to blow again?

The picture attached was taken by a girlfriend of mine who passed away several years ago. I miss talking to her. She lived with a disease that required many surgeries and always knew it would claim her life early just like it claimed her mother’s life.

Her life seemed so calm despite the chaos that her disease created. I knew her well enough to know that she lived inside a storm she didn’t create. But many…

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Le repas

TheFeatheredSleep – A day in a life


The way she cleans

puts away the day

into lopsided drawers that do not shut

well even on easy days

their contents lost in shuffle and exploit

planes over head, mornful drone, a whine

of grief as they attain height

her hands chapped from slapping herself

back to life

rivets run like zippers down her nails

a light somewhere is extinquished

another turned on, sudden furnace, shadows

vanquished, she has not drunk

all day, for the trembling in her hands

betrays the wait.

Dusk smears sky, oranges hang like

tired bosoms pressed in a woman’s dress

amidst plump leaves, blue-black birds

caw their hunger into the cavernous pitch, cats

with arched tails, disappear potently, eternally

her ankles swell with want, her thyroid

a box of treasure, alight with waiting in chocolate dusk

she dozes in her reverie, business put away

the calm of darkening, a hot bath scalding

dry air…

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Election 2020: What the Fuck is Wrong with White Voters?

Calico Jack – Why do they do that?

The Psy of Life

Just what the fuck is wrong with white people in America?

If we take voting for Trump as a proxy for racist, misogynist, xenophobic, regressive, authoritarianism, then we’ve got to wonder why 57% — up TWO FUCKING PERCENTAGE POINTS from 2016 — of white people voted for the racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, regressive, authoritarian candidate? There is definitely something wrong with white voters that they’d vote for four more fucking years of Trump.

You Broke It; You Bought It

As I stated in 2017, if you vote for a racist, you’re a racist. If you voted for a misogynist, you’re a misogynist. You voted for the candidate, you own the candidate’s policies and the outcomes of those policies. You voted for the Ol’ Pussy Grabber, you’re responsible for his failed reprehensible #COVID19 response, the misery of 13.5 million+ infected people and the deaths of 270,000+ dead.


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Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”: the story behind the Thanksgiving staple – Vox

From Calico Jack, not exactly politics, but not exactly not either

The Psy of Life


One of our favoritest Thanksgiving holiday traditions is listening to Arlo Guthrie’sAlice’s Restaurant Massacree [sic] until Mrs. Psy threatens us with murder and mayhem and to flush the computer down the toilet. It has become the Charlie Brown’s Christmas of Thanksgiving. It’s not a Thanksgiving until that happens, amirite?

There are several things that delight about the shaggy dog tale sung talked by the youthful Arlo Guthrie not the least of which is are the eight by ten color glossy photographs with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one, the Group W bench with all kinds of mean, nasty, and ugly-looking people, and the snarling rebuke, Kid, we don’t like your kind!

Thanksgiving is a little different this year in the era of #COVID19. Half the country is isolating and wearing masks and the other half is traveling about…

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Everywhere at the End of Time…Part 2 (my reactions)

LuckyOtter describes her reactions to the portrait of dementia

Lucky Otters Haven


(Continued from Part 1)

All artwork illustrating the stages of dementia are by Ivan Seal.

Yesterday I gave you a bit of background about Everywhere at the End of Time, a  musical and artistic masterpiece by “The Caretaker” (James Leyland Kirby), a British composer and musician who became deeply interested in Alzheimers Disease and the process of dementia, and composed a six album work depicting what the descent from near normality to the empty void of total memory loss would feel like.

I suggest you read both these articles first (and watch some video reviews about it first), before diving into this thing.  I will warn you right now:  it’s dark and at times both tragically sad and existentially terrifying.  You may feel overwhelmed or have strange physical sensations such as cold chills. You might feel scared or paranoid. You likely will cry.  In my opinion, listening to this…

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Not written down in history

TheFetheredSleep – speaking the unspoken


The lonely heart

of a girl

who liked her own


is not written down in history

there are few

stories of this

quiet, often eclipsed, furtive, secret

kind of longing

less even spoke aloud or transcribed

for what could be said? Admitted?

Instead, there are, no doubt

trees growing exceptionally redolent

nourished with the grieving, private hearts

of girls throughout history

who buried their flesh

beneath tender roots of a sapling

when it became abundantly clear

their tongues served them no purpose

in speaking of a love

no-one wanted.

These girls … I wonder

about them, sometimes as I tramp

red cheeked and furious

up hill side, when sitting still and

desiring felt like cold bars of a jail cell

seeing above me the wielding kite and her

long expanse, mocking almost with her freedom

for fierce she is, unable to

be anything but predator

time lapses into a…

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Everywhere at the End of Time (by “The Caretaker”): this album broke me.

Lucky Otter shares a review of a remarkable work of art.

Lucky Otters Haven

Cover art for each of the 6 albums (each representing a different stage in the progression of Alzheimers/dementia) by artist Ivan Seal.

This is the first post of two.

I didn’t think the first post I’d write in more than two months would be about a six and a half hour long ambient album I stumbled across on Youtube because some Gen Z kids decided to challenge themselves to cry on Youtube after listening to it and thus made the original video (not their reactions, as interesting as they were) go nearly viral. But here I am and that’s what I’m going to write about (the album, not the bored Gen Zers). Life is weird, what can I say?

Actually, I have a lot to say. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you this was the most profoundly emotional musical experience I’ve ever had. It broke me, and then it…

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It can kill

TheFeatheredSleep – Something cold


Almost sun up

the tinder box within my chest

is scratched free of ignition

I have nothing left to light

against encroaching darkness

for so long, it was only you

who kept me burning, fed the diminished

flame within

now, cold weather comes hunchbacked

like a visiting relation who has

no regard,

streets are emptied, as ducklings for feasting are

short-lived in their joy, for we live in a climate

spoilt with her bounty

the people proclaim Winter their enemy

hiding inside, till blessed sun returns

to bake streets into their usual direct lines.

I have always loved the cold

for it is somber, serious, it does not apologize

for not laughing or smiling toothily for a photo

the cold is an adult, a survivor

and my warmth is now swept out

into the street to nourish next years


You have left me ransacked, weighed with grief

or rather…

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The Narcissist’s Playbook: Predicting Trump’s Post-Election Behavior

Calico Jack – For Trump, it is never over.

The Psy of Life

The Ol’ Pussy Grabber is going to grouse about having the election stolen from him for the rest of his life. It is now and will be forever more the dominate narrative of his life. Even if he manages to steal the election, he will be milking this grievance forever. Just like he has never been able to let go of these grievances: Lock Her Up! the millions of illegal votes in 2016, Obama spied on me! the Russia! Russia! Russia! hoax, and Obama.

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The never ending list of grievances that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber is increasingly focused on is all part and parcel of being an extreme narcissist, which, as we’ve pointed out repeatedly here on Ye Olde Blogge over the past four years, makes him very predictable and manipulable. It’s as if there…

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