Musings: November 4,2020

Christine Ray – Dismayed

Brave & Reckless

I have been mulling the election results over for a few hours, and want to try to articulate what many of us are feeling.

I have not given up hope that Biden will ultimately be declared the winner; however, I am reeling that he did not win by a landslide.

Biden winning by a landslide would have reassured me that I still recognize the country that I live in, that my values are shared with all people of conscience and sense.

This lack of a sweeping moral victory remains deeply distressing. Every vote for Trump was a vote to accept institutional and interpersonal racism. It was a vote that affirmed that for almost 50% of this country, brown and black lives are ‘less than’, ‘other’ and not valued as highly as white lives. It was a vote that declared that black lives do NOT matter and that police brutality is…

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