A Quickie: The Pressure @GSAEmily is Under to NOT #SignThePapers is a Sign of Trump’s and the GOP’s Authoritarianism

Calico Jack – Just sign the paper lady.

The Psy of Life

CNNran an article explaining that @GSAEmily is a nice person and is fair and wants to do the right thing, but that she thinks she is in a no win situation. On the one hand, it isn’t clear who won the election, but on the other, it is. What is she to do?

There has been rampant speculation in my Twitter feed and perhaps on your social media too that Trump is pressuring her not to ascertain that the apparent winner is #BidenHarris. That is not necessarily true, and probably isn’t true because he wouldn’t have to in order for her to carry out his wishes.

The pressure to ascertain that #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of the election is clear. The margins in all of the states are wide enough that no amount of recounting can overturn them and all of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s court cases have…

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