A Quickie: The Long-Game of the GOP Crying Voter Fraud!

Calico Jack – If the electoral process is seen as fraudulent in essence

The Psy of Life

The punditry seems to think that in the long-term the Repubes supporting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s claims of voter fraud and conspiracy against his election will bite them in the ass. It won’t. Here’s why.

Back in ’80’s there was a concerted effort by the GOP to paint EVERY politician as lying, self-serving, dishonest, corrupt people. They did it to (a) blunt any accusations of being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt and (b) to bolster their accusations of Dems being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt. And, you know what? It worked.

There has always been the “joke” that all politicians were liars and corrupt kinda like the “joke” about lawyers not being trustworthy. But, it was always seen as a joke and when push came to shove, we believed our politicians and lawyers unless there was ample…

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