Election 2020: Postcards to Swing States, the Georgia Senate Runoff Edition

Calico Jack offers links to ways to help get out the vote in the Georgia runoffs.

The Psy of Life

Understandably, everyone is worried about the outcome of the election, both the presidential and senate elections. The best way to cope with the stress and anxiety that we all are feeling as we ride the #COVID19 pandemic to its worst peak yet is to take helpful action. Get busy. Do things other than social media and read blog posts! Er… I mean still do those things, but add a couple of concrete actions to your steady diet of meme posting and commenting on Ye Olde Blogge.

If you’ve been following Ye Olde Blogge, you have been contacting @GSAEmily to POLITELY urge her to ascertain #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of #Election2020 by #SignThePapers to stat the transition. You’ve also contacted the Michigan State legislature leaders and urged them to stand up for our democracy, which they did even…

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