HASTY – Storm Tossed


I found calm

Steady breath

A place where

The quiet feels…


But what if

I’m in the eye

Of the storm?

What if chaos

Has just settled

Like sand does

Waiting for the heat

To clash with the cold

Inside my brain

What if his screams

What if his anger

What if their words

And their actuons

Were created

Inside of me

And what will happen

When the wind

Starts to blow again?

The picture attached was taken by a girlfriend of mine who passed away several years ago. I miss talking to her. She lived with a disease that required many surgeries and always knew it would claim her life early just like it claimed her mother’s life.

Her life seemed so calm despite the chaos that her disease created. I knew her well enough to know that she lived inside a storm she didn’t create. But many…

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