Two opposite ends of the same breakage

TheFeatheredSleep – Between survival and the tender heart


I a child

asked her, an adult

what does it take? To be merciful?

How much effort? Will it hurt much? Why

doesn’t the whole world


And she, an adult

fiddling with her rings, two on each finger,

because she had run out of places

to exhibit her finery, her sophistication,

she, thought of where she would go

when she left our run-down, poky house

and did not return for supper

and what she would do

when she wasn’t weighed down

with runny nosed children and yellowed aprons.

She, who has the mind of three bright men

and a heart that did not really hold space

for people who could not spell, or those who were

slow, ones who did not impress, their light not bright

but stuck in amber, she said naught,

for she liked fine things

over much

and that did not include

wellington boots and children’s…

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Election 2020: Postcards to Swing States, the Georgia Senate Runoff Edition

Calico Jack offers links to ways to help get out the vote in the Georgia runoffs.

The Psy of Life

Understandably, everyone is worried about the outcome of the election, both the presidential and senate elections. The best way to cope with the stress and anxiety that we all are feeling as we ride the #COVID19 pandemic to its worst peak yet is to take helpful action. Get busy. Do things other than social media and read blog posts! Er… I mean still do those things, but add a couple of concrete actions to your steady diet of meme posting and commenting on Ye Olde Blogge.

If you’ve been following Ye Olde Blogge, you have been contacting @GSAEmily to POLITELY urge her to ascertain #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of #Election2020 by #SignThePapers to stat the transition. You’ve also contacted the Michigan State legislature leaders and urged them to stand up for our democracy, which they did even…

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HASTY – Out of the In


I look around at all the people who have made me feel unimportant and the crowd never gets smaller. And it never will. They have taken my smiles and put them in a pocket stuffed with their crumpled up receipts and mostly chewed gum wads. They’ve stolen my words and my deeds and gave them away as their own.

This crowd will do anything to stay where they are. Cozy among peers who will pat them on the back for their own goodwill. They feel good about themselves surrounded by like minds. Content inside their numbers.

But it isn’t real. A crowd like that holds no loyalties. One moment it looks like a circle of love and the next you’re in the center of a mob.

I got out of all the crowds I found myself in. It took time. It’s scary to be alone. It was scary, at first…

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Protect Our Democracy: Contact the Michigan State Legislative Leaders

Calico Jack issues a call to action.

The Psy of Life

Today, the Ol’ Pussy Grabber invited the Michigan state legislative leaders, House Speaker Lee Chatfield, R-Levering, and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R- Clarklake, to a meeting in the White House. Undoubtedly, the meeting will be about the state legislature appointing a Trump-friendly slate of electors to go to the Electoral College meeting and elect Trump for a second term, or to force Congress to choose which slate of electors to accept from the State of Michigan.

We need to contact both men and POLITELY urge them to support democracy and allow the slate of electors of the states popular vote winners to go forward. They will be under enormous pressure by Trump supporters to defy the popular vote and appoint a competing slate of electors.

They do not need threats from us. They need to know that we have their backs. We need to support these men in doing…

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A Quickie: The Long-Game of the GOP Crying Voter Fraud!

Calico Jack – If the electoral process is seen as fraudulent in essence

The Psy of Life

The punditry seems to think that in the long-term the Repubes supporting the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s claims of voter fraud and conspiracy against his election will bite them in the ass. It won’t. Here’s why.

Back in ’80’s there was a concerted effort by the GOP to paint EVERY politician as lying, self-serving, dishonest, corrupt people. They did it to (a) blunt any accusations of being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt and (b) to bolster their accusations of Dems being lying, self-serving, dishonest, or corrupt. And, you know what? It worked.

There has always been the “joke” that all politicians were liars and corrupt kinda like the “joke” about lawyers not being trustworthy. But, it was always seen as a joke and when push came to shove, we believed our politicians and lawyers unless there was ample…

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The magic fairground

TheFeatheredSleep – “No, love, no, age is wine”


I scratch my head, the mixture of henna and indigo dyeing my

finger nails black

thinking of the red pill and the blue

Alice and her little vial

Drink Me

Pandora’s Box

Athena’s head exploding, a rebuttal to Zeus

yellowing wallpaper closing women’s mouths

Radcliffe shouts in her lesbian manifest

those following her down the well of loneliness

high waisted and limber of spine.

I want to nibble upon you morning, noon and night

but I do what is right and keep my fantasies in check

behind the lines of notepads and in the ink of pens

I suck till my tongue turns blue-black

your lips remind me of a pomegranate even without rouge

they look edible, lush, full like an excuse never to apologize

we are girls of violet, our pin in the concentration camps was

a pink V

last night I watched When Hitler Stole White Rabbit


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A Quickie: The Pressure @GSAEmily is Under to NOT #SignThePapers is a Sign of Trump’s and the GOP’s Authoritarianism

Calico Jack – Just sign the paper lady.

The Psy of Life

CNNran an article explaining that @GSAEmily is a nice person and is fair and wants to do the right thing, but that she thinks she is in a no win situation. On the one hand, it isn’t clear who won the election, but on the other, it is. What is she to do?

There has been rampant speculation in my Twitter feed and perhaps on your social media too that Trump is pressuring her not to ascertain that the apparent winner is #BidenHarris. That is not necessarily true, and probably isn’t true because he wouldn’t have to in order for her to carry out his wishes.

The pressure to ascertain that #BidenHarris are the apparent winners of the election is clear. The margins in all of the states are wide enough that no amount of recounting can overturn them and all of the Ol’ Pussy Grabber’s court cases have…

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Coffee House Anthology

Pattimouse – Anthologies – She’s in one



Coffee House Writers is releasing two anthologies this winter! With nearly three dozen writers and over one hundred pieces total, there is something for everyone in these collections.

Paperbacks of both will be available internationally on the two release days as well!

Volume 1: Poetry & Nonfiction releases December 8. Pre-order here: 

Volume 2: Fiction releases December 15. Pre-order here: 

Shhhhh! 😘 my poetry is in volume 1!

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In search of wonder

TheFeatheredSleep – Seeking


nobody reads in between the lines

or maybe everyone does

the day she removes her wig and stands

bare skulled for all to see the shroud of mud

her halo, her halo, he is four feet under, he is

not still, neither she, neither we

the ancestors who

fallow the earth, when heaven is closed

from their potential remains, beauty emerges

like a song setting the vibration in your pores

a string instrument without music

pushing back to the day before you

realized you were weeping uncontrolably

as you cycled along overgrown tow path

in search of blackberries, to stain the urge

a badger or a fox would do

something with color and freedom in its movement

take me, take me, I am not content or part

of this stifled world of pretend

I cannot even stitch straight

I see in the glassy eyes of the stuffed, pressed

hotly behind…

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Defund the Police and Emotional Decision Making

Calico Jack – Matters of taste

The Psy of Life

On 15 November, I wrote a short post concerning how the slogan, Defund the Police, had helped defeat several moderate House Democrats. These two reasons were discussed: (1) the slogan was memorable, and (2) it was easily understood. It brought a fair number of comments from readers, which spurred my thinking. I realized that I didn’t explain the psychology behind the effectiveness of the way the Republican Party demagogued the slogan. Let’s do that now.

One of the things I like about the psychology here is that it is so well established. There are lots of research findings from many researchers in many settings using a variety of methodologies. It is as solid as it gets in psychology which is a lot like being the tallest building in Wichita, but it is about as good as it gets.

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