Forbidden ivory

TheFeatheredSleep – Unrequited desire


It’s funny.

I know I don’t know you well. I know I never may.

But if I died now, I would take you as part of my life, deeper than makes sense in this rhelm.

It is hard to know it may not be returned, but it doesn’t change how it is.

Forbidden ivory.

Maybe some people we knew before. I can explain it no other way.

The effect you have. As absurd or minor it may be to you, is quite the opposite for me.

Yet if someone told me that and they meant as little as I mean to you, I wouldn’t get it, or even care.

But it exists for some reason.

Perhaps a caressing revenge. From those who throughout history have walked in my shoes and known the knifes edge of unrequited feelings.

When I think of you, it is with a calm bitterness and a…

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A Quickie: How “Defund the Police” Played into Republican Hands and White America’s Psyche

Calico Jack – The danger of simple slogans about complex issues.

The Psy of Life

Well, the results of Election 2020 are in and, danggummit! if the Dems didn’t pert near snatch defeat from the jaws of victory… AGAIN! Not only didn’t we win Senate seats we shoulda won, we almost lost the House majority! Now, the great post-election hand wringing and circular firing squad session has begun.

One of the chief contenders for the blame game is the role that Defund the Police played in the loss of House and Senate races. Many moderate Democrats including the House stalwart, Rep. Jim Clyburn, blame the slogan for the losses and many progressives have turned around and blamed moderates for their own losses.

Between #COVID19, mail-in-voting, polling place intimidation, voting fraud hysteria, Trump, and disinformation, Election 2020 was a complex affair with voters being pulled in every direction, it is difficult…

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Laurie Wise Reviews As the World Burns

A review of As The World Burns

Brave & Reckless

As the World Burns is an outstanding collection of prose, poetry, and art that brilliantly illuminates the monumental events weighing upon our world, it’s communities and families, friends and neighbors. The anthology gives a voice to myriad emotions that have settled into hearts and souls worldwide, yet stick in our collective throats, unable to be spoken, leaving a wake of communal helplessness. As The World Burns has accomplished the difficult task of translating our grief, fear, anger, disillusion and uncertainty, into a glorious tapestry shining with strands of hope. The commonalities feed our sense of community, optimism and promise (Allie Nelson – Redbird “there is not much constant in nature but effervescent change, I am the bones of winter, and it’s only in planting beauty that we can hope”).

Within each piece, I found a passion that echoed my perceptions, whether the subject matter was racial injustice (Robert Okaji –…

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Is Knowingly Lying for Political Gain Protected Speech? Or a Solution for Bridging our Partisan Divide

Calico Jack – A solution?

The Psy of Life

If Election 2016 was the Great Civics Lesson teaching us all how we elect presidents and how the government and Constitution works, then Election 2020 is the Collective Narcissistic Delusion Election showing us that 72 million Americans are not dealing with reality. We’re hearing about how Democrats really need to reach out to white folks to understand their grievances with system and cater to their needs.

The notion that the Democrats are going to some how reach rural conservative Christian white voters after 50 years of the Repube demagoguing and delegitimizing Dems is just throwing more white privilege after racism. It ain’t gonna happen.

The branding war is over. The brands of the two parties has been reified. It is going to take something drastic to change it. Incremental policy change isn’t going to get the job done. There is too stark of a…

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Summer Falls Into Winter

Christine Ray celebrates a season of change.

Brave & Reckless

chill in the morning air
brings blessed relief
soothes my fevered thoughts
aromas become crisp
tart apple on my tongue
change is in the air
wind-blown leaves
swirling at my feet
edges newly turned
crimson, pumpkin, gold
some worship spring
verdant and fertile
but I am a woman of the North
explosion of my colors
rich in the fading light

© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All Rights Reserved

Image courtesy of Google, HekateDraculea/DeviantArt

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For love

TheFeatheredSleep – Saved by Love



you lie like a stain

on my face of

marbled feelings

I try to remain cold

untouched by

your passionate framing

unsure in my own self doubt

whether I am worthy of

any portraiture.


you slip like a dream

from my frigid bed and if you were

a woman you’d be a woman of the world

Indian, Malaysian, perhaps from Istanbul

you’d wear bells on your ankles

and have hennaed big toes

and elderberry lips

and your smile would hurt

like a thousand breaking stars.


you rest as a friend

on my empty shoulders

when I feel I cannot bear

another load, one more day, a single minute


in this empty carriage journey

through furnace and fury

you comfort me with the leniency

of your gift, like a child who

seeing someone crying

will reach instinctively

and wipe tears away

with the goodness of their


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Ani’s Advent 2020! Who wants to come and play?

A tradition continues

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

What with covid, lockdowns and everything else that has gone on this year…we don’t know what we will be able to do about Christmas or however else we celebrate the midwinter.

One thing we can do is have a countdown and a PARTY… socially distanced, of course!

So I will be running my Advent Calendar again this year…

Starting on December 1st, I would like to post a guest post every day from one of my friends. You can have fur, feathers or scales, two legs, four or none… all are welcome! Even humans… as long as you are writing about your animal friends…

Just email Her at with your post, a bit about yourself, your links and up to six attached pictures. She’ll do the rest…

What are you waiting for?

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HASTY – In a world so big


Sometimes you just have to stand back, take a few big breaths, and refocus on the world around you. I think sometimes everything feels too tight, too set, too closed in. Feelings of being penned into a corner, and like there are only a few choices can be stifling.

The world is so big. So full of places and people. So many opportunities. The only thing that holds most people back is the fear of losing what they’ve already gained but sometimes you really have to let go of those gains in order to grab the next moment.

There is not enough time allotted to us to spend on wishes. Trade your wishes in for courage and step.

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