The Unofficial-But-Awesome ADHD Holiday Gift Guide For 2020

Sam Dylan French offers a list of nifty gift ieas.

Let's Queer Things Up!

It’s the most… I dunno, festive time of the year? I won’t call it wonderful, because it’s been a hard year for so many of us, but that makes me all the more excited for gift-giving this year. Frankly, we could all use a little cheer.

If you didn’t know already, I live in a house of ADHDers. Not only do I myself have this disorder, but the two people that I share a home with — my partner and their boyfriend — both have it, too (this makes getting chores done quite an interesting challenge). We are a small but mighty focus group for all of the products you’ll see listed here.

Rest assured, these are all tried and true.

None of the links you see here are Amazon links, as I try to support small businesses and indie creators directly. Any of the books you see listed will…

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