Tweet Mitch McConnell about the Bipartisan #COVID19 Relief Bill

Calico Jack – Tweeting at Mitch

The Psy of Life

If you’re like me, and I know you’re not much like me because as I’ve been reminded throughout my life starting with my mum while in utero, no one is like me, but if you are like me, you’re more than just a little confused about what is going on with the Congressional #COVID19 relief bill. Don’t feel bad about being like me or about being confused.

The confusion is by design. The Repubes and Mitch McConnell want you to be confused. Luckily, for you, you have a part-time blogger and full-time citizen to help untangle the Gordian knot of a conundrum of a mess that McConnell and the WH have made of this just so they can slip their #COVID19 liability protections in for big corporations who knowingly, wantonly, and callously murdered their employees and surrounding communities with #COVID19 for fun and profit.

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