Festivus 2020: Your Festivus Cards and Other Ideas for the Holiday for the Rest of Us

Calico Jack brings a bunch of Festivus links.

The Psy of Life

Festivus is upon us! Look at the countdown! It is coming up FAST! You’ve barely got any time to download and email your FESTIVUS Cards this year!



hours minutes seconds



You’re going to be busy this weekend! You’ve got to get your decorations up and decisions to make! Will you have a Seinfeld inspired Festivus or a traditional O’Keefe Festivus? Or, will you forge your own path with your own family Festivus traditions?

Festivus Decorations:

  • The aluminum Festivus poll because tinsel is distracting for the Seinfeld-inspired Festivus!
  • The clock in a ziplock bag nailed to the wall, the original O’Keefe family Festivus decoration!
  • Include your Festivus decorations in the comments regardless of the way you go!

Festivus Dinner:

  • Will you have a Seinfeldesque meatloaf on a bed of lettuce?
  • An O’Keefe family dinner of turkey, ham, beef stew…

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