The Narcissist’s Playbook: The Reason There Likely won’t be Any Organized Violence

Calico Jack on the unlikelihood of government overthrow

The Psy of Life

Many people on my social media are afraid that there will be some kind of civil war or armed revolt to keep him in office. There is no reason to harbor such fears for one simple reason: he’s a narcissist. There is no chance that the Ol’ Pussy Grabber will take that he can’t cheat at. If he can’t cheat to guarantee a win, he won’t do it. That’s why he grabs pussies. It’s cheating. It’s why he’s a rapist. It’s cheating. It’s how he golfs. Think of all the ways he’s cheated in his life. He can’t cheat at civil war or armed rebellion. There’s no guarantee that he’ll win, so he won’t do it.

There are two important points about being a narcissist that we need to appreciate to understand why we’re not facing some kind of armed insurrection:

First, from the…

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