Sorting Out the #COVID19 Relief Bill Mess or Call Your MoC about Passing #COVID19 Relief

Calico Jack – COVID Relief – Half a loaf, or smoke and mirrors?

The Psy of Life

I can’t believe I’m writing yet another post about the #COVID19 Relief Bill the law that almost was but never really had a fighting chance because the Repubes keep playing three-card Monty with the biggest obstacle. For the past three-weeks of panic over the impending deadline of Christmas recess and government funding, the Repubes have been flooding the zone with bullshit excuses for why they can’t come to an agreement on #COVID19 relief. The latest obstacle is PPP funding. I think CNN may have said it the clearest (emphasis is mine):

Republicans argue that the emergency lending program created under the March CARES law needs to be wound down as envisioned by that law, saying leaving it open would amount to a slush fund for the incoming Biden administration.

Hill negotiators race to finalize Covid relief deal as fight over Federal…

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