The Narcissist’s Playbook: Trump’s Revenge on the Congressional GOP, The Schadenfreude Edition

Calico Jack – The screwing of GOP on The Hill

The Psy of Life

I guess I really am tired of all the winning as in all of the accurate predictions based on Trump’s extreme narcissism. Gawd awl- might-he, has the Ol’ Pussy Grabber put the Grinch, er Mitch McConnell, and the Congressional GOP into a bad spot. And, he’s done it not once, not twice, but three times! Three tight spots all at the same time. So, many bad places that we’ve divided this post into two. Read the second edition, here. This post is about his revenge on the GOP for not couping hard enough for him and the second is about how he’s screwing over the American people and country because he LOST THE ELECTION!

His turn on the Repubes was inevitable. He’s done it before in big ways and small but nothing like this before! The clearer it is that…

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